Sample Menu - These items are subject to change without notification 

Many of our dishes are gluten free by simply asking for such items like onion rings or bread products to be removed.

Please ask a member of staff if you have any questions


Breaded Brie Wedges £5.50 (v)(cr)(m)

Breaded creamy brie cheese wedges, chilli dipping sauce & served on a bed of dressed leaves

 Mini Duck Spring Rolls £5.75 (cr)(so)

Succulent shredded duck and spring onion in a rich hoi sin sauce, hand rolled crispy pastry & salad garnish

 Award winning Haggis £5.45 (cr)(m)

Haggis served with a salad garnish & a Drambuie cream sauce

Prawn Marie Rose Cocktail £6.25 (cns)(e)(mu)

(GF) without the bread) Prawns smothered in Marie rose sauce, sat on a bed of lettuce, served with hot crusty roll

Starters to Share

(v) Loaded Nachos £7.95 (v)(c)(cr)(m)

Tortilla chips, Cheese, salsa, guacamole, jalapeno peppers, lettuce & sour cream

Haggis Nachos £8.50 (c),(cr),(m)

Tortilla chips, Cheese, salsa, guacamole, lettuce, sour cream and crumbled haggis

Main Courses - Our Classics

 (GF) Rack of Ribs £12.95- Full rack of pork ribs   smothered in barbeque sauce served with skinny fries & salad garnish (su) (cr)

Lamb Shank and Mash £12.95 – Lamb shank on the bone with mint, rosemary sauce served on a bed of mashed & Season vegetable (m)(cr)

Whole tail Whitby Scampi £10.25 - Deep-fried until golden, served with chips, salad, lemon wedge (cr)(cns)(mu)

 Homemade Beef Lasagne £9.95 – A rich meaty ragu sauce layered with béchamel, pasta, cheese. Served with salad, chips and garlic bread (cr)(m)(mu)

Steak and Ale pie £10.95 - Succulent chunks of Galloway beef slowly braised in Criffel Ale gravy & encased in puff pastry. Served with fresh vegetables & buttered mash (cr)(m)(mu)

Haddock & Chips £10.75 - Freshly beer battered Haddock served with chips, mushy peas & lemon wedge (cr)(f)

 (V) Broccoli Bake £9.25 – Gluten free without garlic bread

Sliced potato & broccoli in a cheese sauce served with salad, chips & garlic bread (m) (cr)

Pork Fillet Stroganoff (gf) £10.95 - Sliced Pork Fillet, simmered in a Creamy mushroom, Brandy & Mustard Sauce, served with Basmati Rice & parsley garnish

Homemade prime beef Burgers

All our Beef Burgers are 8oz prime beef & made here! All burgers are served on a toasted Brioche bun (cr) with side salad & dressing (mu), skinny fries & onion rings (cr)


Cheese & Bacon £9.95 - prime beef topped with crispy bacon, Swiss cheese (m), lettuce and tomato (m)

Barend Big One £10.758oz burger, bacon, Swiss cheese, Haggis, lettuce & tomato (m)(cr)

From the Char-grill

 (GF) 10oz Gammon Steak £11.95 – Succulent steak cut gammon grilled & served with skinny fries, grilled pineapple, tomato & salad garnish (cr)

 Fillet Steak, 10oz  £21.95 - Prime cut of fillet steak brushed with and seasoning then grilled to your liking, served with salad garnish, homemade onion rings, grilled mushrooms and chips- add peppercorn sauce or Diane Sauce for (cr)(m) £1.95 (cr)(M)

10oz Sirloin Steak £17.50 - Sirloin Steak served with onion rings, mushrooms, tomato, chips and salad garnish – add peppercorn sauce or Diane Sauce for (cr)(m) £1.95

 Rack of Ribs £12.95 - Full rack of pork ribs smothered in barbeque sauce served with chips, onion rings & salad garnish (su) (cr)

Side orders

Skinny Fries £2.75

Chips £2.75

Sweet Potato fries(cr) £2.75

Onion Rings (cr) £2.50

Basmati Rice £2.00

Mixed Vegetables (m) £1.50

Side Salad (mu) £1.50

Peppercorn Sauce (m) £2.25

Diane Sauce (m)£2.25

Stilton Sauce £2.25

Garlic Bread (cr) (m)£2.75

Garlic Bread with Cheese (cr) (m) £3.25 


Liqueur Coffees

Calypso – with Tia Maria

Highland – with Drambuie

Irish – with Jamieson’s Irish Whisky

Seville – with Cointreau

Irish cream – with Bailey’s

Italian – with Amaretto

Parisian – with Martell Brandy

Scottish – with Famous Grouse Whisky

All contain milk/cream

£4.50 Each


Alabama Fudge cake warmed, served with cream (m) £4.75

Sticky Toffee Pudding & rich toffee sauce with cream (m) £5.25

Apple crumblewith custard (m) £4.95

Luxury Vanilla & Honeycomb ice Cream of Galloway Ice cream (m) £4.95

Brownie Delight – Chocolate Brownie & vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce £4.95

For the Kids

Cheese and tomato pizza served with fries

(v) Penne Pasta with a lightly flavoured tomato sauce (cr)

Cheeseburger served with fries (cr) (m)

Mini haddock and fries (cr) (f)

Pork sausages and mash with onion Gravy (cr)(m)

Chicken bites served with fries and beans (cr)

Scampi and fries with salad (cns) (cr)

*New potatoes and vegetables or salad if preferred

Add a dessert for £1.75 - Kids 3 flavour ice cream & chocolate flake


Allergens:  Celery (c), Cereals containing gluten (cr), Crustaceans (cns), Eggs (e), Fish (f), Lupins (L), Milk including butter, cream, pastry (m), Mollusc (mo), Mustard (mu), Nuts (n), Peanuts (p), Sesame seeds (se), Soya (so), Sulphur Dioxide (su)